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NintendoWare Weekly: The Denpa Men, Quarth


The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave is a new dungeon RPG by Genius Sonority, in which you use augmented reality-type exploration to find little guys in the environment, who then form your party. It's cute, quirky, and available on the 3DS eShop today. There's a demo if you'd like to try it out.

Also out on 3DS is Konami's Quarth, a fascinating Game Boy puzzle game that never seemed to pick up a large audience in America.


3DS eShop
  • The "DENPA" Men: They Came by Wave (Genius Sonority, 1 player, $9.99): Find weird little guys in the airwaves around you (using the 3DS camera) and then train them to fight battles.
  • Quarth (Game Boy, 1 player, $2.99): Part vertical shooter, part puzzle game, Quarth has you shoot squares to complete rectangles, making them disappear.
  • Hitori by Nikoli (Hamster Corp., 1-4 players, $4.99): 50 sudoku puzzles.
  • Demo: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Square Enix, 1 player, free): Try the game-history rhythm game without having to go ask a store clerk for "Theatrhythm."
  • Kart Krashers (Big John Games, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): Kart racing with platforming elements.

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