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RIFT lets you go on the offensive with Hunt Rifts


The titular feature of RIFT is getting another tool for its belt: Hunt Rifts. This new type of dynamic event is coming in Storm Legion and allows players to go on the offensive instead of merely reacting to planar invasions.

Hunt Rifts are challenging events in which players will be targeting planar commanders. According to Trion Worlds, these commanders are tough prey indeed; you'll need a hearty group and advanced tactics to take them down. Hunt Rifts will be found in the two new continents: Dusken and Brevane.

The cool part about Hunt Rifts is that they allow players to work their way up the chain of command in the enemy's forces, earning special items and gradually unlocking super-tough Great Hunts. Great Hunts are impossible for players to accomplish without the help of Torvan Hunters and many friends.

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