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Google's Eric Schmidt compliments Apple in Korea


Google's Eric Schmidt was in South Korea for the launch of Nexus 7 tablet launch and made headlines during his trip. According to a report in The Korea Times, the Executive Chairman shot down the possibility that Google Maps is pending approval by Apple and talked about the company's tumultuous, yet friendly relationship with the Cupertino company.

Schmidt addressed Google's interactions with Apple when he was talking about the high-profile patent war that has erupted in the mobile industry. "Literally patent wars prevent choice, prevent innovation and I think that is very bad. We are obviously working through that and trying to make sure we stay on the right side of these issues. So ultimately Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars," Schmidt said.

He added, "With respect to Apple patents, the best thing we can tell there are plenty of prior arts and I don't want to go beyond that." Though their relationship may be strained due to litigation, Schmidt did confirm that Apple "is actually a very good partner. Our two companies are literally talking all the time about everything."

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