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New Awesomenauts character voiced by Simon from The Yogscast


Ronimo Games recently announced a new character for Awesomenauts, Skolldir the "terribly overweight space viking." Skolldir is voiced by Simon from The Yogscast gaming channel. Check out the announcement trailer and gallery for this large, melee-heavy character after the break.

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Ronimo teams up with Yogscast for new Awesomenaut recruit!

It's time to welcome the 10th member to the Awesomenauts crew! Skølldir! Like any Awesomenaut this guy will come with a bitchin' soundtrack, powerful items, and some devastating skills. And to bring you this Awesome new 'Naut, Ronimo teamed up with the Yogscast comedy gaming channel! As you can hear from the video, Simon voiced Skølldir with his great Space Dwarf/Viking impersonation. There's also a sweet Honeydew skin for Skølldir, which will be made available to all for free! Just click here and subscribe to the Yogscast channel to see how to grab it once it goes live!

"Skølldir The Terrible Space Viking has raided over a hundred spaceports, cargo ships and grocery stores. His legendary thirst for battle is unquenchable. Great raids are usually followed by great feasts and soon his nickname was altered to Skølldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn Skølldir more than this honorless title!

Skølldir has set out on his space barge to impress the universe with his lightning fast fighting skills to prove this moniker wrong and show his nimbleness. Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside.

If you find yourself on the battlefield, and hear the sound of crushing bones and thunderous farts in the distance, flee as Skølldirs fury is upon you!"

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