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BioWare's Companions 101 series looks at SWTOR's Djannis

Jef Reahard

BioWare's shining the spotlight on Star Wars: The Old Republic's NPC companions via a new blog series appropriately named Companions 101. Today's entry features Kaliyo Djannis, who serves as something of a femme fatale for Imperial Agent players.

The dev blog paints Djannis as a complex character who loves to work for the Empire and manipulate her superiors. "When bringing Kaliyo along on missions, keep this in mind. She loves anarchy and respect –- but she will always have an ulterior motive," BioWare says. "Play her at her own game and keep her guessing. The minute Kaliyo becomes bored is the minute she either stabs you in the back or disappears from the ship... with most of your credits."

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