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Breakfast Topic: Is leveling fun or a necessary evil?


Good morning, citizens and visitors of Pandaria! We'll forgive you the keyboard indentations in your forehead. We know you fell asleep during the turn-in dialog with that last quest giver of the evening. It's hard work, all that leveling. The question is whether or not you consider said leveling to be an enjoyable pastime in its own right or an odious chore to be powered through as rapidly as possible.

If you're one of those insane speed demons who pushed for a realm-first 90 (or merely the prestige of being at the front of the pack in your guild or realm), don't bother answering. You've got some other type of disorder. (We kid, we kid ... Maybe.) But what about the rest of you? Are you thrashing through getting to level 90 with your main so you can start running down the checklist of "real" tasks? Are you methodically capping your entire stable of characters, because completionism is how you roll? Are you rushing up a pandaren to join the rest of your level-capped guildmates? Or are you wandering the Wandering Isle, captivated by every blade of grass, immersed in every dialog?

Are questing, new zones, and storylines the best parts of the game for you? To level, or not to level? That is our question.


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