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Get crafty for the Guild Wars 2 Halloween contest [Updated]

Do you like Guild Wars 2? Do you like Halloween? Do you like chances to win graphics cards and other goodies? That's an incredibly convenient set of likes you've got there because it means that the Guild Wars 2 Halloween contest is pretty perfect for you. That is, it's perfect if you like making dioramas. You like dioramas, don't you? We knew you did.

Contest dates and other bits of information of that nature haven't been announced yet, but the ArenaNet team wants you thinking of what sort of Guild Wars 2sy, Halloween-y scene you'd like to bring to life. Hit up the contest teaser page, and get those spooky and creative juices flowing!

[Update] ArenaNet has now posted the official rules for the contest! Contestants have until 3:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, October 22nd, to enter. Read the official rules for further information.

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