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Screen Grabs: Elementary pilot has Sherlock Holmes using murder victim's Lumia 800

Joe Pollicino

Screen Grabs chronicles the uses (and misuses) of real-world gadgets in today's movies and TV. Send in your sightings (with screen grab!) to screengrabs at engadget dot com.

Whether you're a fan of CBS's Elementary spin on Sherlock Holmes or not, it sure gave a nice amount screen-time to cellphones in its pilot. While there was prominent use of iPhones in the episode, we're highlighting a seemingly forced Nokia Lumia 800 cameo -- you'd think it would at least be the 900 being an American series. The camera takes a tight shot of Sherlock swiping through photos on a murder victim's black Lumia twice, highlighting the Nokia logo and Windows Phone 7.5 gallery interface. Here's your clue to see it for yourself: check around the 8-minute mark at the source link below.

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