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Consumer Reports compares Apple Maps, Google Android navigation


Consumer Reports took a close look at Apple's Maps application and compared it to Google Maps on Android 4.0.4. The reviewers used both mapping solutions to navigate from point A to point B in the greater NYC area. Despite all the negative press on Apple's Maps, Consumer Reports had some good things to say about Apple's mapping solution.

Overall, Apple impressed our staff with the graphic presentation for the interface, results, signage, and points of interest info. However, there is less customization throughout than Google -- a mixed blessing when driving, where distractions can be dangerous. Google comes across as more business like and less fun.

The consumer product review company concluded that both "the free Apple and Google navigation apps provide clear routing directions" and both "provide a good solution for standard software." Consumer Reports added that Apple may have "a less-mature product," but it expects the application to improve over time.

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