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Duo Games reveals Gameloft-branded iOS controller, coming very soon


iOS publisher Gameloft has teamed up with Duo Games to make a Bluetooth-powered controller for iOS games, called the Duo Gamer controller. As you can see above, the controller comes with a tablet stand for your iPad. It features a d-pad and four buttons (as is pretty standard for these sorts of things), plus two analog sticks for FPS look/shoot movement or anything else developers want to use them for.

The big feature of this controller is in the software. It's co-branded with Gameloft, which means that all of Gameloft's popular iOS games will work with it out of the box.

That includes big series like NOVA, Modern Combat, and the upcoming Wild Blood, all big-budget mobile titles that borrow heavy influence from console games, where these analog sticks are used as well. In other words, Gameloft is trying to bring the full console experience to Apple's tablet, courtesy of this gamepad.

Presumably the API for this controller will be open (ideally, it would also work with the iCade standard, but IGN doesn't mention whether that's the case in its writeup or not), so any developer will be able to program their games to work with it. Even if not, however, the Gameloft library has a large audience as is, and just knowing any future titles will be compatible will go a long way toward pleasing fans of the company's games. The Duo Gamer controller is set to show up in stores right around now, for an MSRP of US$79.99.

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