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Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation DLC pushed back from the ledge


Max Payne 3's next batch of DLC, Hostage Negotiation, was supposed to launch in September. It didn't, in case you were wondering. Rockstar has delayed Hostage Negotiation to "later this fall," for $10 on PSN and PC and 800 MS Points on Xbox 360.

Hostage Negotiation includes four new multiplayer maps, the nightclubs Club Moderno and Estádio Do Galatians, and the favelas of O Palácio Strip Club and Favela Heights. Hostage Negotiation adds two new rifles, Explosive Burst booby traps, the Bomb Suit, Intimidation Mask and Filhos De Ogum avatar faction.

The following packs, Painful Memories and Deathmatch Made in Heaven, were previously announced with October release dates. Rockstar says it's "working hard" to get everything out in a timely manner.

"Our apologies to Max Payne fans who've been waiting for this one and the other upcoming packs – we're working hard to bring you this and all the other DLC and should have a release date to announce for this next pack very soon," Rockstar writes. To compensate for the wait time, Rockstar promises a new chrome weapons bonus redeemable for free to all Social Club members later this week.

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