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Minecraft dev inks deal with Egmont Publishing for books, magazines


Minecraft developer Mojang has a deal with UK's Egmont Publishing to create children's books and magazines in territories excluding the US, TechCrunch reports. A spokesperson can't confirm which products exactly will be borne of the deal, but they will include "a range" of items and will launch next year.

Egmont inked a deal with Rovio last month to publish a line of Angry Birds books in the UK. Angry Birds may just be the most merchandised modern game, and Minecraft might be looking to grab some of that market: By March 2012, it earned $1 million (of $80 million total) in revenue from merchandising since October 2010.

We have some suggestions for Egmont's Minecraft-inspired children's literature: Stevie Trotter and the Minecart of Secrets; Goodnight Moon, Hello Endermen; Everybody Mines. And for the adult book spin-off, 50 Shades of Coal.

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