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PlanetSide 2 revises membership benefits

Eliot Lefebvre

As players get ready to start blasting away for control of the landscape in PlanetSide 2, the question becomes whether you want to be a subscriber or just an occasional visitor. Players weren't entirely happy with the original list of membership benefits put forth a couple of weeks back, so the team behind the game has put together a revised list explaining what players will get for the price of a monthly subscription fee.

Increased resource pool caps have been removed from subscriber benefits, as it was felt by the team that this could potentially give subscribers an unfair advantage in the long run. The increases to resource gain, XP gain, and cert point gain have also been revised; these benefits start at 25% and increase by 5% for each consecutive month, capping out at a 50% increase after six months. Priority login access and early access to microtransaction items remain unchanged. Players looking for a more thorough explanation can view Matt Higby's post on the revised subscriber benefits.

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