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The 'Final Hours' of Tomb Raider tells the story of telling a story


How do you reinvent an icon? No, seriously, how do you do that – we've never done it and it sounds hard. For many of the folks at Crystal Dynamics, it's the greatest undertaking of their careers, evidenced in this latest episode of the Final Hours series focusing on Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider lead writer Rhianna Pritchett weighs in with just how much of herself she's put into Lara Croft and what it's like being the first female lead writer in series history. Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart also goes into the game's Comic-Con 2012 presence and the anxiety that comes from showing off Tomb Raider to the general public for the first time.

This latest episode also reveals pre-order bonuses through Amazon: an art book, in-game skin and a digital copy of the Final Hours series for Tomb Raider for Kindle Fire.

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