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    Daily iPhone App: Here's how to get to Happy Street


    I avoided Happy Street (free) for a long time. It's a freemium town-building game that's similar to Farmville, Tiny Tower, and other time-driven management games that core gamers tend to dismiss. But Happy Street has a charm that's unavoidable.

    As you can see above, it's colorful and fun, and though the management gameplay is nothing new, Happy Street still finds innovation in really cute characters and storefronts, addictive minigames, and systems like a food-crafting system that I haven't seen done this way before.

    Happy Street is made by Godzilab, the team behind the really great iBlast Moki 2. While the genre here is obviously completely different, the art and technical prowess are on display. Plus, the app is fully updated for iPhone 5, which means it's the first freemium game I'm playing on my brand new taller iPhone screen.

    Happy Street is a fun management game where you build up stores and houses, so you probably already know whether you're in the mood for another one of those or not. But if you are, and are looking for something new to try out on your brand new iDevice, Godzilab's title might win you over, too.

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