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FIFA 13 sells 'over 4.5 million' units in first five days

Jordan Mallory

Kids these days sure do seem to like the football, if FIFA 13's crazy-pants sales figures are any indication. The game, which Joystiq's resident sportsball enthusiast Mike Suszek liked an awful lot, has sold "over 4.5 million games across all platforms" since its launch on September 25, according to a press release from EA.

More than 1 million of those sales took place in the UK and within the game's first 48 hours of availability, which falls in line with the chart-topping performance we covered a couple of days ago. FIFA 13 has also been responsible for the most concurrent online users of any EA game to date, with 800,000 footballists throwing down simultaneously on September 30. We suspect, however, that very few of those players drive Range Rovers and are married to Victoria Beckham like most footballists.

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