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New World of Warplanes cinematic features the most beautiful machines ever built

Jef Reahard
Save has dipped into its deep pockets for another CG video designed to show off one of its World War II action titles. The star of this particular show is World of Warplanes, which is now in beta testing.

Well, actually, the star of this particular show is the F4U Corsair, which everyone knows is the most beautiful machine ever built. There are some other airplanes in the video, of course, and a bunch of explosions, a ship or two, and even a train, but really you can just start at 1:08 and get your Corsair fix.

WoWP is coming to Igromir 2012, a gaming and pop culture exhibition held in Moscow's Krokus Center. The trailer marks the occasion, and you can view it after the cut.

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