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PSA: Escape Plan Director's Cut DLC flees onto PS Store


Fun Bits Interactive keeps churning out downloadable content for Escape Plan, with another pack for the Vita game now available on the PlayStation Store. The 'Director's Cut' DLC promises 21 levels of the "most devious and evil tricks" for the puzzle game to date, including something called the "Slap-a-ma-tron 9001" which because of its name by default is brilliant. It's priced at $4.99 - sadly there isn't another 25c promotional offer this time around.

Free for all, though, is the 1.04 patch. It brings with it poke controls to, via an easy button press, stop characters from marching to their gruesome demises. There are also four new costumes to clad the long-suffering Lil and Laarg in.

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