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Samsung goes after credibility of jury foreman


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If you thought that the end of the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement case was really the end, you're sadly mistaken. Yesterday saw Samsung filing a lawsuit against Apple for alleged patent infringement in the new iPhone 5, and today the Korean electronics giant is attacking the foreman of the jury, saying that he lied about his past history to get onto the jury.

Foreman Velvin Hogan has provided multiple interviews since the end of the trial, and Samsung has picked apart those statements saying that his "incorrect and extraneous legal standards had no place in the jury room." In addition, Hogan didn't tell lawyers in pre-trial hearings about the time he was sued by former employer Seagate Technology -- owned partially by Samsung -- and had to file for bankruptcy. Samsung lawyers believe that he deliberately lied during jury selection, and that the only solution would be to hold a new trial.

Hogan told a Bloomberg reporter that he was only required to disclose litigation he was involved with during the past 10 years, and the Seagate litigation took place in 1993. Hogan said that "I answered every question the judge asked me... [Samsung] had every opportunity to question me."

Samsung has a number of other tricks up its sleeve to try to either get the judge to throw out the US$1.05 billion verdict or at least reduce it, and we're sure to see many of them arise during the next few months.

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