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EVE Online posts an update to the state of Crimewatch

Eliot Lefebvre

Criminals in EVE Online aren't just a cowardly and superstitious lot; they're a cowardly and superstitious lot with spaceships and powerful weapons. That makes the Crimewatch system even more vital to the game, as it ensures that the game imposes certain penalties for doing awful things to other players while not discouraging its usual confluence of inter-player awfulness. A new development blog outlines the changes coming to the Crimewatch system with the game's next expansion via a change to a flag system.

The short version is that the game has broken down the flags into four basic categories based on player actions, each of which has a variable duration and prevents you from taking certain actions. For example, players who use weapons against another player will be flagged and will be unable to jump, dock, or switch ships in space for 60 seconds. The full breakdown of flag types and their associated penalties in different parts of space can be found in the official blog entry, well worth a look if you still want to skirt the laws in your spaceship.

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