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Major reputation changes coming to WoW

Matthew Rossi

I'm going to be honest -- I'm not a huge reputation person. I end up with them, because you have to, but I wouldn't do the grinds if it wasn't necessary. So I may be the absolute target audience for this post from Crithto on the official forums, highlighting changes coming to the rep grinds. This makes this morning's Klaxxi questing feel less onerous to me.

Crithto - Upcoming Reputation Changes
Earning reputation with various factions has long been an important part to World of Warcraft and as time has gone on, we've made tweaks and changes to the system to make it more interesting and to give players access to unique items. For example, we recently hotfixed the game to apply a change to some reputation items which you can read about in our recently updated blog that allows players to purchase certain items much sooner. And we're not done!

Coming in a future patch, earning reputation is going to become much more fluid. Basically, once one of your characters has reached at least Revered reputation with a faction, all other characters on the same account will then earn reputation with the same faction at twice the rate. Going one step further, and as an added bonus, your main character who reached Revered will also begin to earn double the reputation as he or she climbs to Exalted.

Here's a simplified break down:
  • Any single character earns Revered reputation with a faction
  • All other characters on the account begin to earn double reputation for that one same faction
  • The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted
  • ???
  • Profit
We'll keep you posted as this change is closer to being implemented. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your feedback!

My biggest problem with reputations has always been having to do them again on my alts. Now my characters on Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune will reap the rewards of my main's hard work, which I like.

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