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Sprint Phone Connect 2 will try to replace your landline on October 14th


Last year, Sprint quietly stepped foot into the world of home and office phone solutions with the release of its Sprint Phone Connect service. In a nutshell, this 3G powered VOIP alternative gives would-be customers the option of transferring their existing home or office landline number to Sprint's flat rate $20 per month service. While Sprint Phone Connect may not be among the Now Network's best sellers, it's done well enough to warrant a sequel. Pictured above is an internal screenshot of the unimaginatively named Sprint Phone Connect 2. Set to release on October 14th, this new and improved hardware is packed with a set of new features: dial tone creation, voicemail notification, caller ID (number only), call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling. If that MagicJack isn't quite cutting the mustard and you're looking for an affordable home or office phone solution, the Sprint Phone Connect 2 can be yours for free on a two-year commitment, or $150 outright.

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