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War Z closed beta launches on Halloween, pre-orders available

MJ Guthrie

Players interested in checking out the new zombie apocalypse game The War Z will have the chance to participate in closed beta starting on October 31st by purchasing a special Survivor package for $19.49. If that's too long a wait, Hammerpoint Interactive has also announced that you can get into alpha on October 15th by purchasing the Pioneer package for $29.99. This bundle also includes in-game currency, a forum badge, and one month of Stronghold map server hosting.

Finally, there's the Legend package for $49.99, featuring October 15th access, $30 of currency, a forum badge, six months of server hosting, and three guest keys. Legend purchasers will also have their survivor names highlighted on leaderboards and in the game's chat

Package discounts will be in effect until October 20th.

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