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Aventurine confirms character wipes for Darkfall reboot

Jef Reahard

Aventurine has finally answered a couple of long-standing questions regarding its Darkfall: Unholy Wars reboot. First off, yes there will be a character wipe and no, you won't be seeing your original Darkfall avatars in the new game.

"These are different games and the DFUW character system is incompatible with the old characters. These are two completely different worlds, there is a different skill acquisition system, different skills, different stats, all the way down to the story-line; everything makes them incompatible," explains producer Tasos Flambouras.

Interestingly, he mentions that the old characters will be preserved in some fashion, possibly for "Darkfall-related side-projects we are considering."

Finally, the Unholy Wars client will be free of charge to everyone who has ever purchased the original game. Read more at the official Darkfall blog.

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