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Deadlight shambles onto Steam on October 25


Deadlight is shuffling onto Steam on October 25, Tequila Works announced. The zombie-stuffed side-scroller originally lurched onto Xbox 360 as part of this year's Summer of Arcade. Tequila Works promised the PC version has improved graphics over its XBLA counterpart, and includes a new "nightmare mode" and the game's complete soundtrack.

Jess reviewed Deadlight back in August, giving it three out of five stars. While she was impressed by how Tequila Works built a world of 1980s Seattle overrun by zombies, she felt it was let down by "unresponsive controls and frustrating scenarios that can't decide if they want to be puzzles or action sequences." Tequila Works didn't detail a price for the Steam version, but on XBLA it costs 1200 MSP.

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