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Pet Battles training cost reduced to 10g

Adam Holisky
Cory Stockton tweeted this afternoon an important update to the cost of pet battles: instead of the old 100g training, the price has been reduced to 10g. There has been a lot of people in the community claiming that 100g was too high a cost for the feature, and that it should be lower.

Previously Blizzard has said they wanted to keep it high to stop people from thinking that it was a main part of the game, when in reality it's a side game. They didn't want people to get distracted from the real point -- leveling up your character. While that's not an issue for those of us that have played WoW for a long time, the whole system can seem like a gigantic thing to new folks -- and one that might confuse them as to what they're supposed to be doing.

Stockton's tweet is as follows:

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