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Breakfast Topic: What classes make socializing the most difficult?


Maybe you're into voice comm chit-chat, hanging out with your guildies in Vent or Mumble and never even glancing at your text box over the course of a busy night. If you don't always log into the voice server, though, you've undoubtedly suffered the frustration of trying to keep up an interesting text conversation while you play -- and it always seems to happen on that one character that demands the most clicking and spinning and mousing about.

As a long-time healer, I find people understand if my attention isn't on chat when they see that I'm grouped somewhere. Everybody gets that. Even so, I can usually work in a good bit of short-burst conversation between heals. It's socializing on my rogue that frustrates me. I can't seem to keep repositioning and hotkeying and strafing and clicking while keeping up my end of a captivating text chat. First, I fall back into keyboard turning, since my fingers are right there. Then before long, I'm caught in an open line of text, spewing "wwwaaaddssssssssss" at everyone in the guild.

Dead. Fine. Back to my mouse and keybinds -- and radio silence.

Are there characters you avoid playing when you're feeling chatty? If so, is that because you find the mechanics -- either the focus required for gameplay or the actual typing while you play -- to be too twitchy for multitasking? Is your chosen class or preferred keyboard/mouse setup simply too mechanically intensive for you to comfortably divide your attention?

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