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Guardians of Middle-Earth release dates clarified, out 12/4 on Xbox and 12/5 on PSN [Update: In Europe]


Warner Brothers sorta, kinda dropped release dates for the various versions of Monolith's Lord of the Rings-flavored MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth earlier today, but fans were still confused about exactly when the game was going to be out, especially on Xbox 360. So let's set the record straight: The game will arrive on PSN on December 5, and an actual retail version for the PS3 (complete with early access and a full season pass to the DLC) will be out on December 7. On the Xbox 360, there won't be a retail version, and the downloadable version will arrive on December 4 [Note: These dates are unfortunately just for Europe. A North American Xbox 360 release hasn't been announced yet].

So there you go. By December 8, you'll be upgrading towers, killing minions, and ganking top lane with Sauron and Gandalf. And on December 14, you'll be watching The Hobbit in theaters. It's almost here!

Update: Warner says the dates are wrong again. In North America, the PS3 version will be out at retail on December 4, and the PSN version will be downloadable at that same time. There reportedly will be Xbox 360 versions for both XBLA and retail, but official dates on those haven't been announced yet -- Warner is still saying "this fall." Joystiq is following up to find out why, and when we can expect the Xbox versions.

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