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30-pin to Lightning adapter: early users test compatibility


We got a message from developer David Stanfill this morning, who's had an opportunity to start using Apple's 30-pin to Lightning connector. As early pre-orders are just now arriving, we were curious as to how things were working.

"I can confirm," he writes, "That the 30-pin to Lightning cable works with none of the previous Apple Accessories. I tested the SD card reader, USB reader, VGA/HDMI out adapter and the Withings Blood Pressure monitor. We're one for three for car stereos at the office."

So any good news? Stanfill writes that his speaker systems are working.

It's still early days -- perhaps Stanfill received a defective unit. With millions of dollars in gadgets and adapters on the line, however, the transition may not prove as easy as we had hoped. Has your adapter arrived? How is it working for you? Drop a note in the comments and share your experience.

The Lighting/30-pin adapter sells for $29 and is currently shipping two to three weeks out. Those who ordered on the first day are now receiving units.

Update: Commenters are having much better results than Stanfill with their adapters, especially with the Withing monitor. Some of his items were tested off-label and were not meant for use with the iPhone.

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