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Aion gunslinger class concepts revealed

Jef Reahard

There's badassery, and then there's the newly revealed class concept for Aion's forthcoming 4.0 update. You might recall that NCsoft teased three new archetypes via a trio of silhouette images a few weeks ago.

Now MMO Culture has published a couple of concept drawings showing off one of the classes, a black-clad gunslinger complete with a fedora, a duster, and a pair of pistols. The images are taken from a Korean dev blog and as is typical with Aion, the updates will go live on the game's Korean servers first before slowly making their way west.

If this new Gunner class (loosely translated as Shooting Star from the dev blog) is any indication, though, the updates will be well worth the wait. Head past the break for the images, then click through to the source for further details.

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