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Breakfast Topic: What are the secrets to a successful leveling partnership?


If you're already level 90, run right along to refill your coffee and get another donut -- today's Breakfast Topic isn't for you. This one's for all you smell-the-rose types, whether you've started over with a pandaren or a monk, or you're just exploring and poking and experimenting your way through Pandaria.

Do you have a leveling partner? We're talking about an actual, formal duo, a character you only play when your partner is online and leveling at the same rate you are. Don't get me wrong, this is no casual arrangement. Broken leveling pacts have broken many a relationship -- heck, even skipping levels together can bring on the pain!

Who brightens your grinds, keeps you on track, and never, ever sneaks off ahead while you're selling your grays? Is there a loyal guildmate or perhaps a real-world amour who's always by your side? And if you do, what are the secrets of your success? Do you never log in without the other? Do you sometimes play separately but stay within an agreed level range? What keeps your partnership successfully pushing through the mists instead of pouring out your agony to the Drama Mamas?

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