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EVE Online video and dev blog detail improvements coming with Retribution

Shawn Schuster

In a new video released today by CCP, we're treated to a guided tour of the teams responsible for EVE Online's winter expansion: Retribution. CCP Ripley, the senior producer for release development, introduces us to each team responsible for the upcoming features, including improved visuals, five new ships, UI tweaks, and of course, the new bounty hunter system.

In addition, CCP has released a new dev blog by CCP karkur from Team Pony Express detailing a few of the upcoming user experience improvements coming with Retribution. One of these is a clearer indicator of who's dealing the most damage to your ship. CCP karkur points out that this is still in very early development, so things may change slightly between now and launch on December 4th.

Check out the complete dev blog for more information; the full video with CCP Ripley is after the jump

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