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GoPro remote app for iOS now available


Have one of those cool GoPro cameras that are made for capturing video of your astounding feats of athleticism and/or stupidity? You'll need an iOS device, the HD Hero2 camera and the WiFi BacPac accessory as well, but if you've got all of the components in place, the GoPro App is now available for free.

What does the app let you do? Link to a HD Hero2 camera (or several) via that WiFi BacPac and control camera settings without being near the camera. It's the perfect situation if you don't want to take your helmet -- with GoPro mounted on top -- off, but would like to change from movie mode to time lapse. Or perhaps you need to change to 720p recording instead of 1080p, but don't want to take the GoPro out of the waterproof housing to do so. All the controls are available at a touch from your iOS device.

While you're playing around with your GoPro and the free app, our friends at sister site Engadget remind you to also download the GoPro Protune firmware update, which lets your camera record at a higher bit rate, capture at 24 fps or adjust the video for a different look.

The video below shows how the GoPro App works with your camera.

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