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McDonald's lets customers use iPads


At a McDonald's restaurant in Virginia Beach, Va., customers are getting more than service with a smile. According to a report in The Virginian Pilot, they are also getting access to a free iPad that they can use to browse the web while they down their burger and fries.

The iPad-equipped franchise is located at Lynnhaven Parkway and operated by long-time McDonald's employee Hugh Fard. He told The Virginian Pilot that he decided to install the iPads after hearing about the idea from several French colleagues. A French company supplies the iPads and is responsible for their maintenance as well as replacing them if they are stolen.

Four tables are equipped with iPads, which are installed in docks that securely attach the tablet to the table. Customers who get the high-tech seats can easily eat and check Facebook at the same time. "It's a great idea to stay relevant, especially to a new generation," said Fard, "People like to multitask, so why not provide that element for them?"

This program to bring high-tech to fast food was initiated by Fard and is not a new company policy. McDonald's is interested in the pilot program, though, and will watch how the program performs over the next few months. I will say this -- it's an interesting idea, but one that will surely test the limits of the iPad's fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

[Via Engadget and CNET]

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