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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini photo, specs and expected price leak in Germany

Sharif Sakr

German site MobileGeeks has leaked further details about the new Mini version of the Galaxy S III -- a device that Samsung only just confirmed this morning. As expected, we're looking at a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and Jelly Bean-flavored TouchWiz, but if the source is accurate then most of the other specs are surprisingly budget: the screen resolution is a mere 800 x 480, the big bro's quad-core Exynos processor has been replaced by a dual-core STE U8420 chip running at 1GHz, there's 1GB of RAM, and the rear shooter maxes out at 5-megapixels. According to the leaked info, this all-round downgrade could lead to an expected price tag of 399 Euros ($510). No doubt we'll have more clarity after tomorrow's launch event.

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