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Slingbox rolls out two new units that stream to Mac or iOS


You might have forgotten about the Slingbox service if you're not using it. The company hasn't updated its hardware in over four years. But that's not the case anymore. Today, Slingbox introduced two new boxes, the Slingbox 350 and the 500, which let you stream video from your TV to any number of connected devices, including your Mac, your iPhone or your iPad.

Both devices stream in HD quality, and the 500 model also includes a WiFi connection, an HDMI hookup and a new service called SlingProjector, which allows content to go the other way, streaming from your devices onto the TV. The Slingbox 350 is available now for US$179.99, and the Slingbox 500 is listed at $299.99.

In addition to the new devices, Slingbox has rolled out brand new versions of both Slingplayer for iPhone and Slingplayer for iPad (the apps that hook up to content from the set-top boxes), and both have been discounted by 50 percent from the usual price, to $14.99. That's a little pricey just for the technology to stream video (especially since there are so many other ways to get video on your iOS device), but if there's a TV show not available online that you absolutely can't miss, Slingbox is the best way to do that.

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