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Capcom: Ono dreams of revitalizing Darkstalkers, 'wants Darkstalkers 4'

Jordan Mallory

Darkstalkers Resurrection may have only existed officially for a few minutes, but Capcom's fighting game guru Yoshinori Ono has bigger hopes for the franchise as a whole, which until today remained one of the few dormant forces in the modern fighting game renaissance.

"Ono has a dream of revitalizing the Darkstalkers franchise, and this is the first step to get there," Capcom producer Derek Neal of Capcom told Joystiq at the New York Comic Con. "[Ono] wants Darkstalkers 4."

Capcom is using the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection as a litmus test to gauge the strength and fervor of the Darkstalkers community, says Neal. In the past, Ono has taken it upon himself to poll audiences directly, asking for attendees interested in a new Darkstalkers to hold up cash as proof of their commitment.

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