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Comixology debuts Submit program, picking up indie comics for their app


Comixology runs the biggest dedicated comic book app on iOS (appropriately called Comics), and today it announced a new program designed to make its comic book marketplace even bigger. Comixology Submit, still in closed beta, will allow independent comic book creators and artists to sell their works directly on Comixology and split the profits with the publisher. Once the service is up and running, creators will be able to submit their works, Comixology will approve incoming submissions, apply its GuidedView technology so users can easily read the digital versions on iOS and sell the books worldwide.

Comixology doesn't say what the profit split is [it's 50/50, see update below], so creators will definitely want to wait until all of the rules are laid out before seeing if they want to participate in the program. But those interested can sign up now, and considering the app's wide reach, this will likely be a great opportunity for comic book creators looking to grow their own audience.

The company is also continuing to release comics the traditional way: They just added Terry Moore's great Strangers in Paradise series to the digital marketplace. But it'll be interesting to see what kind of new independent work shows up in the Comics app through a program like Submit.

Update: Comixology got in touch with us to say the profit split on comics sold will be 50/50.

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