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Deepworld officially launches on Mac, coming soon to iOS


I saw Deepworld in action in March at GDC in San Francisco. It's a Minecraft-style 2D sandbox game, with lots of fun steampunk elements and mechanical contraptions to make. A little while later, the game's developers held a Kickstarter to try and get a Mac beta off of the ground, and though that Kickstarter didn't get funded, the team has moved forward to a launch anyway. Deepworld for Mac is now available for purchase on the game's website. For just US$5, you can get a game license that will eventually be good for all of the game's platforms, and if you buy right now, you can get in on some "early" purchase items, like special avatars and other goodies. Deepworld has looked great ever since that first viewing at GDC, and congrats to the team on an official launch. Go check it out for sure.

Next up: The iOS version. The developers are still looking for a few more beta players for the iPad version of the game, and if you're interested, you can sign up right over here. The beta will kick off next week, and I'm told that the iOS version is targeted for a release sometime as soon as November (though of course, given how complicated a game like this is, delays can always happen without notice). But if all goes well, we should see this game out and playable on Apple's mobile devices relatively soon. Looking forward to it!

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