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Meet us at MacTech


Next week at MacTech Conference in Los Angeles, TUAW is going to be interviewing Apple developers as part of our Origin Stories series. MacTech Conference is a rare time that we can get close with so many key players in the Apple community, and we're going to use it to bring you some great insight into what developers are up to.

If you are attending the event, and want to tell us the story behind your app, MacTech has set up a "Meet the Press" form here. This is the best way to let us know that you want to talk to us. At MacTech will be myself, Mike Schramm and Kelly Guimont (plus our video crew), so it's an awesome time to connect.

If you don't know about MacTech Conference, it's not just for developers, but also IT pros, enterprise and consultants. The event is wall-to-wall with sessions that organizers have designed to help you work better and smarter. TUAW readers get a very special discount -- but you have to use this link.

If you've not yet checked out the event, you can see the sessions, activities and more about the event here.

TUAW is a media sponsor of this event, and has worked with MacTech on event coverage in the past.

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