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Photoset is a great free way to share photos

Mel Martin

Photoset hit the App Store today, and I am pretty impressed. The app comes from the Tumblr folks and lets you select multiple photos from your iOS device, arrange them, add a caption and put them on the web. When your photos are uploaded, you'll get a URL you can email or share through Tumblr or Twitter. Check here for some example photosets.

The app requires no registration, however if you do have a Tumblr account, you can login via the app, select a default blog and upload your photos to it. It's a lot simpler and less cumbersome than many of the photo sharing services out there. The web page produced has your caption at the top and a nice dark gray background so your photos stand out. Any browser on a mobile device or a computer can see your images.

My only gripe is that when you are doing multiple photos, you have to keep going back to your camera roll each time. It would be much better if you could just check the images you want and then they would be loaded into your presentation. You don't get much control of your layout. You simply drag your photos into the order you want. After a photoset is created, you can't make changes unless you made a Tumblr post from your app. Then, you can make changes to the Tumblr post via the web browser. The only thing I found to be unintuitive was moving photos around. You have to tap on the photo and wait a second or so until you can change its position.

Photoset is highly recommended, and at a price of free, it is a no-brainer. The app is universal and requires iOS 5 or greater. With a few changes this app would be perfect. As it is, it is very, very good. Grab it if you want an easy and free way to share photos. Check out the gallery below for some screen shots.

Gallery: Photoset for iOS | 4 Photos

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