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PSN Store refresh October 17 for PAL, October 23 in NA


Sony's PlayStation Network store will receive an overhaul next Wednesday, October 17, in the PAL territories and October 23 in North America. The new design was revealed in London today, with VG247 reporting the storefront fills the entire screen with a "redesigned UI that places sections for games, movies and TV content on the front page."

"It's from a functional perspective that the store will undergo its biggest changes. The search function is now smart, so provides a reductive list of options as each letter of the search phrase is typed," the site notes. "Abbreviations and misspelling will also be covered, allowing users to search for 'MW3' or 'Mas Efect'."

PS Vita and PSP receive two separate sections, with PS Store product development manager Elliot Dumville saying a majority of PS Store users search for PS3 content, so partitioning mobile and home makes sense.

We'll have more when this is revealed Stateside.

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