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Breakfast Topic: Where is your hearthstone set?


I like my characters to feel at home when I log out at night. After so many years playing WoW, some places just feel more comfortable than others. Certain bankers, certain auctioneers -- some faces and places just seem friendlier to me. It might seem archaic to someone else, but my solo types and lowbies prefer to curl up safely at night in the steamy, insular embrace of Ironforge. My Horde lowbies live in Undercity. It's not the most efficient place to live, but somehow it feels most like a real city to me, most like a home. (Despite the undead. No, I don't really get it, either.) Some characters even prefer to trot about in Dalaran.

Even so, I'm not immune to the demands of each expansion, even if it only manages to nudge the group-oriented, high-level characters to the new territories. But when you're trying to get on with the business of a new continent, you can't be slumming around with a bunch of dwarves, can you? Most of all, you need profession vendors and trainers, reforgers, challenge mode vendors and faction quartermasters, banking and void storage -- and an auction house. Especially an auction house.

Where are you hearthing your high-level characters in Mists of Pandaria? Does your character go to sleep in the old world or the new? What about business -- where do prefer to conduct your daily chores? Are you settling down in fresh, new quarters in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, or can we find you bustling about in your same old spot in Stormwind or Orgrimmar?

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