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Firefall's latest dev diary highlights Chosen Warfront metagame

MJ Guthrie

Last week, Red 5 Studios discussed changing Firefall's progression system. In the newest developer blog, attention turns to the upcoming Chosen Warfront feature ("warfront" being the moniker given the ongoing war between the Chosen and the Accord factions). The Chosen Warfront dynamic aims to create a deeper metagame, giving players the chance to take the fight to the Chosen solo or in groups to keep the lands safe.

Designer Clancy Powell explains the feature by telling folks to think of the Chosen Warfront as a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, where the Chosen and the Accord will be working to control territories and resources and build up military forces by implementing different strategies for both offensive and defensive goals.

Developers are currently working on a number of events, including Chosen Thumpers and Chosen Drop Pods, as well as reworking the watchtowers from the ground up. The changes won't stop here; over time, devs want to add multiple types of objectives to add more variety to the warfront dynamic. More details can be found in the full developer blog.

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