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NBA Baller Beats sold 3,000 copies in debut month


NBA Baller Beats, the Kinect-based basketball rhythm game, sold a mere 3,000 copies in the US during its debut month of September, sales tracking service NPD told Joystiq. An odd outcome for a game that had a controversially high number of Twitter followers and YouTube views.

We weren't given the opportunity to review the game [ahead of launch - Ed.] by publisher Majesco, despite repeated requests, but we did find a unicorn that actually purchased NBA Baller Beats in the meantime.

"The game itself is well done and one of the better Kinect titles on the market," Robert Goode of the CAGcast told us. "Unfortunately, the market of athletic basketball fans who also have a Kinect and an unfinished basement is not flourishing."

And this post likely concludes our The Good, The Bad and The Ugly day of basketball stories here on Joystiq.

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