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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup must capture all of them


Now that Pokemon Black and White 2 are out, I'm finally wrapping up Pokemon White this week. As indicated by a number of this week's webcomics, Pokemon games have a way of remaining relevant regardless of how tired some get of its tried-and-true formula. Sure, each game offers pieces of new material. New Pokemon come in droves, but the basic structure of the games hardly change with subsequent additions in the series. They remain fun and addicting, the way Pokemon games seemingly should be.

If I had to pick one improvement I'd like to see made in future Pokemon games, it's item and Pokemon management. I grow tired of logging on to a computer in the game, being forced to read the same canned text, and selecting a half-dozen sub-menus to find and move all my Pokemon around in boxes. You'd think after a few generations of games (and operating systems, for that matter), Pokemon and item management would feel less clunky. Oh, to dream. Well, if item management talk bores you, I encourage you to dive into last week's webcomics and vote for your favorites after the break!

Ba-Zynga! (Dave the Direman)
Shy Guy x Boo (Hildergan)
Videogame Consoles Are Your Teachers (Dorkly)
Gotta Eat 'Em All (Loldwell)
Lost in Face (Life in Aggro)
Clock Tower (Magical Game Time)
Jambalaya (Penny Arcade)


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