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Around Azeroth: This land is my land, but it's not your land


The biggest threat to the world's population of giant pandas is the loss of their habitat, since they're massively territorial and can only live in places with an abundant supply of bamboo. (The second biggest threat is their inability to figure out the whole reproduction thing in captivity. Come on, guys, we even made you pornography! It's not that difficult!) So it's not surprising that pandaren warrior Xarinoth of Punished on Draenor (EU-H) will defend her habitat to the death, even though all the bamboo is gone and it's now a flat, desolate, Nebraska-like wasteland. And yes, Nebraskans, I am attacking your state. Stop being such a pain in the butt to drive across and stop beating Wisconsin in football, and I'll reconsider my stance.

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