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Breakfast Topic: Are you feeling overwhelmed?


Upon the announcement of patch 5.1's launch on the PTR, my first reaction was "Oh! How exciting, that was fast!" I then started looking through the 5.1 patch notes and items, as you do, and noticed the PvP Season 13 armor in the list. All of a sudden, I started feeling rather overwhelmed. Having taken a week's holiday shortly after the launch of Mists, and having had to send away my gaming laptop for repairs, I'm a bit behind on the gearing. I haven't done any dailies, but then I don't plan to unless I really feel it can't be avoided, and I'm building up my honor and conquest sets.

And I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have my 90s, I'm gearing them, but it seems like there's so much work that needs to be done before I can experience the content that I play the game for: the PvP and PvE content you do with your friends, i.e. arenas, rated battlegrounds, and raids. I've seen others complain of the same issue on the official forums, saying that particularly the sheer amount of work required to do the dailies is a very steep slope. I'm specifically avoiding those, and I'm still feeling like there's too much to get done in order to gear up! I think it has to do with the very low rate of point gains, and the fact that I seem to be consistently unlucky with drops.

But how about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed or excited? Am I having a little freak-out over nothing? Are there too many artificial hurdles to jump before multiplayer content becomes available?

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