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DmC demo incoming, Mundus returns as the Demon King


Capcom is planning an online demo of DmC: Devil May Cry prior to the game's launch, giving fans and on-the-fence aesthetic nuts a chance to try out Dante's new look for themselves. Capcom has no firm date for the demo yet, but it is coming to consoles at least, producer Alex Jones tells a panel at New York Comic Con. There is no word on a PC demo.

Mundus, the main baddie from the first Devil May Cry, returns as ruler of the underworld in DmC. The Demon King joins another past character, Vergil: We previously asked if Vergil would be a playable character as he was in Devil May Cry 3, and got stonewalled. Jones provides a little more insight, saying Vergil as a playable character "will not be on the disc" and Capcom has no firm plans either way.

Players will learn more about Dante's (and, by proxy, Vergil's) parents in DmC, Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews tells the panel. DmC will have "a few novelty modes" made available after beating the game, Jones says. The PC version of DmC will run 60 FPS with enhancements, and Xbox 360 and PS3 is 30 FPS.

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