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Allods Online introduces a new skirmish in Autumn Wind update

MJ Guthrie

Fall is a time of changes, and Allods Online is keeping in the spirit of the season with the Autumn Wind update. Set to launch October 30th, this newest update will not only bring new UI changes and more details to the female avatars, but will also introduce a new PvP skirmish -- Summerhold. The 3.05 patch will also continue to rework and balance crafting to benefit all professions, not just the alchemy and herbalism crafts that were merged into a single profession in the New Horizons expansion.

In celebration of autumn, gPotato has released new screenshots that show off fall colors and the new female character models. Check them out, along with other Allods images, in the gallery below.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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